Activ Heartbeats Rising Stars

Join us for an awe-inspiring evening as we celebrate talent, inclusivity, and the power of performance at the Activ Rising Stars show!

Talent from all over WA will be brought together in one spectacular show.

As the curtains rise, get ready to witness a remarkable display of skill and passion from a diverse range of performers, including our very own Activ Heartbeats group.

Breaking barriers and stereotypes, these incredible individuals will showcase their boundless talent and captivating choreography.

At Activ Rising Stars, everyone is a star, and together, we light up the stage with our boundless creativity and passion.



6:30 PM – 8:30pm, Friday 5 July 2024


Caroline Payne Theatre
Corpus Christi College, 50 Murdoch Drive, Bateman WA 6150

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