Dempsey’s big move to Bunbury

Activ customer Dempsey has made a big move from Port Hedland to Bunbury and is settling into life away from the family home for the first time. Dempsey (22) and his family decided on Dempsey’s move to the South West, returning to the Bunbury region where he went to school and connecting him with extended family in the area.

Dempsey, who is non-verbal and communicates through sign language, is sharing his new place with three older housemates who are all enjoying getting to know him.

Activ Foundation Team Leader Leicelle Leher oversees the house Dempsey lives in and says it has been an easy transition into his new home.

“Once we’d checked the current housemates and their families were happy to share with Dempsey, the process was relatively straightforward,” says Leicelle.

“Dempsey’s mum Shamaine came down with him from Port Hedland to get him settled in. There were a few tears and of course every parent just wants what’s best for their child, but we reassured her that he would be happy here – and I think like most 22-year-olds, he was very ready to live independently.”

Dempsey got used to the house very quickly with no nervousness. His housemates have welcomed him and helped him settle in.

Having Shamaine with Dempsey for the week eased the process for everyone. Activ’s support team got to see how she supported and interacted with him, and there was plenty of opportunity for questions and answers.

Shamaine says Dempsey’s move to his new home had been an amazing experience for them both.

“He’s settled in really well, although to tell you the truth I’m still adjusting. Dempsey has never lived out of home before but it’s a better place for him down in Bunbury as there’s more to do and better weather.”

Independence is encouraged in the house, with the Activ customers supported to do a weekly shop and contribute to household chores.

Dempsey is a very happy resident, says Leicelle. He goes with the flow and gets out into the community regularly to do a number of activities, including bowling.

“He loves it,” says Shamaine. “The way he is in himself is all I need to know that he’s happy and at ease in his new home.”